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Control Your Campaigns and Improve the Constituent Experience with Blackbaud's Marketing Services for Nonprofits

Whether you’re executing a nonprofit direct mail campaign, kicking off program budgeting, or thinking about a new communication strategy, Target Analytics’ direct response marketing solutions can ensure the success of your organization’s stewardship and fundraising plans. Donor engagement tracking, channel preferences, and responder models allow you to optimize end-to-end direct marketing program strategies—from new donor acquisition lists to long term cultivation to multichannel outreach.

Direct marketing insights are powered by the expansive Target Cooperative Database of philanthropic giving. Dating back to 1997, the Target Cooperative Database is the oldest and largest nonprofit cooperative of giving history in the market. Currently, more than 1,000 organizations participate, aggregating more than 2.8 billion giving transactions, and profiles cover 80 out of 110 million U.S. households.

Nonprofit Direct Marketing at a Glance:

Top Prospect Model and Acquisition Lists

Finding and keeping new donors to support your organization has become increasingly difficult. With response rates in decline and prospect pools drying up, choosing the right acquisition list is more important than ever. Target Analytics, is able to source and create unique prospect lists built specifically for your organization and your campaign goals.

Our team will work with your organization to determine your acquisition campaign goals, challenges, and opportunities. Using enhanced analytics, expanded sources of data, and scientific modeling through the Top Prospect Model, we can help build the right list of the right prospects for your organization. Whether you are looking for larger gifts, new names to test a label package, or just trying to increase response rates, Target Analytics will be able to deliver lists of prospects focused on your unique campaign needs.


donorCentrics Benchmarking and Reporting

donorCentrics puts the donor, rather than the campaign, at the center of the analysis. The service helps your organization develop strategies to maximize the value of its relationships with donors at all stages of giving. Get the accurate, unbiased performance metrics you need to evaluate the success of your program and identify opportunities for growth. Collaborate with peers to share fundraising best practices and discover new techniques for success. Use the interactive donorCentrics Dashboard application to evaluate the giving performance of every past donor as the year progresses and drill-down to specific accounts to take immediate action on key underperforming segments.

To learn more, visit the donorCentrics page.


Target Tags Model

When a donor gives through an event or to a disaster, are they a good candidate for an annual fund appeal? If someone is 25 months lapsed are they a better prospect than a 37 month lapsed donor? With Target Tags, you can sort through lapsed and prospect donors with greater ease, and more reliably, than just on RFM alone. Using insight from external data sources and the powerful Target Cooperative Database of more than 2.8 billion transactions, Target Tags will rank and score your donor files on propensity to give to your campaigns. Fundraisers can then use this information to optimize direct marketing efforts, focusing spends on higher ranking segments, cutting out segments less likely to respond, and ultimately improving campaign response rates and ROI.


Loyalty Insights

All donors are valuable, but are they all committed? How can you track and predict donor actions beyond relatively basic giving history? Better data enables better segmentation, which in turn enables better campaign results. By shifting and focusing investment levels and messaging strategies for key donor groups, organizations are able to optimize campaign performance, increase donor engagement, and drive better long term donor value.

Loyalty Insights categorizes your active donors into seven distinct and measurable groups according to their giving history to your organization versus their historical giving through the expansive Target Cooperative Database. This model scoring enables fundraisers to view donor loyalty and other characteristics of the file beyond what traditional RFM giving history alone would provide.


Target Indicators

Donors live in a multichannel world, and fundraisers should use multiple contact strategies to reach a donor through the channel(s) donors prefer. With Target Indicators, you can quickly and easily segment your campaigns to focus on the right donors via the right marketing channels. If you are looking at expanding your sustainer program, or are just getting started, indicators are also an easy way of finding donors in your file who have propensity to give monthly gifts. Make response rates and ROI soar by focusing resources to better segments.

  • Channel Indicators: Sort donors who are most, or least, likely to give through different channels, including direct mail, telemarketing, or email messaging
  • Sustainer Indicators: Find donors who are likely candidates for your monthly giving programs



Connection360 is an online-advertising solution that displays targeted messages to your best prospects, whenever and wherever they’re plugged in. The product uses your donor contact information to identify constituents and display content as they traverse the web, providing tremendous brand exposure, in a very natural and unassuming way. The extra visibility keeps your organization top-of-mind with supporters, which significantly increases the effectiveness of your direct mail, email, and social communications. The solution also integrates 360-degree closed-loop reporting, making it easy to justify your budget since you’ll be empowered with hard data showing performance lift across channels, all of which can be tied back to your overall campaign.


Combine Data Sources Efficiently and Easily

Fundraising campaigns start with quality data—better data now means better results later. Blackbaud’s merge/purge and data hygiene services deliver added value by helping you maximize your dollars and improve response rates. Our advanced duplicate detection software in combination with Blackbaud’s unparalleled expertise allows you to optimize campaign list processing.

Learn more about Merge/Purge Services >


Data Management Services

We know there is no such thing as fundraising downtime, which is why Blackbaud offers comprehensive services to help manage, coordinate, and execute your direct marketing programs. Augmenting your in-house capabilities with our team of experts can boost your productivity and achieve your direct response revenue goals more efficiently. Our Data Management Services Team provides a full range of services—including segmentation, list pulls, data hygiene, reporting, and database administration—so you can concentrate on fundraising and furthering your organization’s mission


Visualizing Your Fundraising Strategy and Campaigns

Multichannel marketing is now the norm, but how do nonprofit marketers plan for success? How do you envision, execute, and measure campaigns without the data and tools you need to make effective decisions? With VantagePoint, you’ll have the clear insight you need to make decisions with confidence. Our approach brings opportunities into view by centralizing fundraising sources and turning your data into timely, actionable information—without the manual effort. Interactive, business intelligence tools provide industry-standard KPIs and dashboards that visualize fundraising performance to quickly bring attention where it’s needed most. As a result, you’ll make better investment decisions, drive new revenue, and increase engagement across channels.

Learn more about VantagePoint™, Blackbaud’s business intelligence solution..


Executing Effective Marketing Campaigns and Maximizing Your Fundraising Activities

Nonprofits today are increasingly pressured to do more with less. The Advanced Campaign Management solution from Blackbaud enables organizations to maximize their direct response budget and increase overall revenue. Developed with nonprofits in mind, this solution allows organizations to integrate and standardize data sources in order to better understand and target constituents with the most effective communications. With Advanced Campaign Management, you’re getting a leading, multichannel campaign management solution for effective campaign execution.

Advanced Campaign Management combines a cloud-based data management platform with top marketing automation tools to enable nonprofits to efficiently and intelligently communicate with constituents and lift marketing response.

Learn more about the Blackbaud Marketing Suite



Serving the nonprofit, charitable giving, and education communities for more than 30 years, Blackbaud (NASDAQ:BLKB) combines technology solutions and expertise to help organizations achieve their missions. Blackbaud works in over 60 countries to support more than 30,000 customers, including nonprofits, K–12 private and higher education institutions, healthcare organizations, foundations, and other charitable giving entities, and corporations.

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